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January 27, 2013
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MCU Concepts: Rescue (Pepper Potts) by tclarke597 MCU Concepts: Rescue (Pepper Potts) by tclarke597
Visualisation of how Pepper Potts could look wearing the Rescue armour in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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Pepper potts to the RESCUE!

Yeah, it'ś lame. i know.
Cool, can actually see this in the movies
There's been rumours that it might happen in Iron Man 3, although i think there's already enough happening story wise to try and introduce another armour into the mix. But hopefully it'll happen one day =)
I think it might be the big ending reveal leading into Avengers 2.

Basically, Pepper nearly gets killed in the attack on Tony's mansion so she's hospitalised for most of the film. Tony comes back from doing something aggravating to The Mandarin and throws himself into helping Pepper. It soon becomes clear that only an ARC-powered bit of Iron Tech can fix the damage to her nervous system. The very last scene is Pepper suiting up for the first time because Tony has challenged her to see if she can keep up with him in flight.
Not sure how likely it is to feature in Iron Man 3, as it seems there's already a lot going on and potentially a lot of armoured characters. But I think your ideas great, although i'd change the last scene so that Pepper suits up alone as i think this would be more personal.

She returns to Stark Tower from the hospital, battered and bruised but otherwise ok. Tony has programmed JARVIS to lead Pepper to a particular room upon her arrival. The room is dimly lit, except for a bright vertical circle of light in the middle of the room illuminating a slightly raised platform. Pepper steps into the light, and a series of robotic arms start to assemble the suit around her.

I'd also add several shots of Tony working on something ambiguous throughout the film, to add a bit of mystery and build towards the final reveal.
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